About the Japanese Society for Philosophical Practice

The Japanese Society for Philosophical Practice (JSPP) is a non-profit organization, launched in August 2018.

“Philosophical practice” refers to the activity of collaborative inquiry into philosophical themes, mainly through dialogue. As an intellectual activity, in which citizens discuss important topics, deepen their philosophical thinking, and strengthen cooperation, it has been found in many parts of the world since ancient times. In today’s age of specialization and social fragmentation, there is an increasing need for citizens to talk and think collaboratively about the fundamental questions of nature, life, and society. In recent years, philosophical practices have become increasingly popular in Japan and the world, mainly in the form of “philosophy cafes” in towns and “philosophical dialogues” at schools.

In order to be further developed, these philosophical practice activities need to be supported by specialized research into dialogues and thinking from a variety of fields. Therefore, we have decided to establish the Japanese Society of Philosophical Practice with the aim of developing individuals’ capabilities for collaborative thinking, thereby building a culture of dialogue and contributing to the revitalization of democracy and civic participation. We aim to bring together people from a wide range of fields, including philosophy, ethics, and religion, as well as education, psychology, and sociology, and to provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussions about philosophical practices in the present and future.


(1) Meetings (with the tile of the main symposium)

2018 August 26, Meiji University (“On the ‘Place’ of Philosophical Practices”)

2020 September 6, Virtual Meeting (“Philosophical Practices and Community-Building)

(2) Publications

The JSPP annually publishes Thinking and Dialogues online.


The Philosophical Association of Japan
c/o The Philosophy Course in the Department of Psycho-Social Studies, School of Arts and Letters, Meiji University, 1-1 Surugadai, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8301, Japan